What kind of good barbecue grill?
       Believe that like to barbecue a lot of friends, go out to eat and feel unsafe, so many people choose to do barbecue, especially now that the weather is hot, and relatives and friends together to eat barbecue stove, chatting, drinking wine, do not have a taste. Then the face of the market so many grill brand, what is good?

  See the BBQ whether relevant safety certification

  For example, the BBQ is three C certification, GS certification.

  Look at the barbecue BBQ material

  Ensure that the barbecue stove purchase is used is relatively high durability materials, such as it is wear resistant, fire resistant, resistant to corrosion is not easy to rust, easy cleaning, sanitation non-toxic. Such as stainless steel and ceramic materials are a good choice. Do not choose the best scale, the permanent is easy to rust, my family before is a iron will rust, one day before baking will screen.

  To see whether the barbecue BBQ with a lid

  If only to barbecue, can need not choose barbecue stove lid, barbecue furnace lid, cover the lid after the fire will weaken, so that not only can barbecue grill can also be smoked, baking, stewing and cooking methods.

  See if you need air

  Have a barbecue some models with damper adjustable design at present, according to the need of rotation flap can obtain ideal roasting temperature.

  Select the BBQ size

  According to the number of general barbecue suitable size, if the attendance barbecue more words, nature will choose some of the grill. If in addition to travel would need to consider whether portability.


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