How to correctly use aluminum cookware?
       Aluminum Item has the advantages of light weight, fast heat, use convenient wait for a characteristic. But because the aluminum soft, low melting point, easy to react with other substances, when in use should pay attention to the following points:

  1 for holding food or water not overnight, after timely wash. Soy sauce, vinegar, salt, sugar, wine, acid, alkaline food, not in aluminum ware memory pass long, to prevent corrosion.

  2 food and Aluminum Item contact time is too long, aluminum will partially into the food. Food also will corrode the aluminum pot. Human food into the aluminum, easy aging brain disease, so the aluminum products do not do food storage containers using.

  3 in the aluminum products, food cooking, pot open don't suddenly cooling, so as to shorten the service life

  4 Aluminum Item for the first time, the best first boiled or oil containing things, the small concave hole oil filled the pot wall, so as to increase the corrosion resistance, if the first porridge also line. Should pay attention to is, new aluminum pot not to boil water or steam Steamed buns. Otherwise, the bottom of the pot black, not good-looking. However, aluminum pot used for a long time, which generally appears black spots or white precipitate, which is harmless to the human body, can not erase. If you want to erase can also, if you add a little vinegar wash or burn it to recede.

  5 use the Aluminum Item or cooking, don't make the pot bottom direct pressure on the coal fire, also should not be placed in wet coal, especially careful not burning hot pot.

  6 Aluminum Item if temporarily not in use, should be the washing and drying, and the aluminum and coated with a thin layer of cooking oil. Placed in dry and ventilated place.

  7 Aluminum Item is not mixed with egg sauce. Because the aluminum product containing a substance egg juice, a chemical reaction occurs, so that the egg white to grey, the egg yolk into green, not only affects the normal color of egg dishes, food also is disadvantageous to the human body. Therefore, mix the egg not stirred in aluminum, the best mixing in porcelain jar.

  8 sand dust wipe lossy aluminum cookware. Aluminum cookware with dirty, a human figure clean sand dust wipe. The result is a rough surface of aluminum. The protective layer it -- alumina membrane is damaged, reduce the use period.

  9 Aluminum Item complex new. Aluminum products used for a long time, the surface will be dark, lost its original luster. This is mainly occurred in the surface oxidation, and adsorption of the pollution. If you want to get rid of it is not difficult to. The Tomato Pedicel, skin water is boiled in aluminum. More contain in tomato fruit acid, can and oxide layer and oil and chemical reaction, which can be removed.

  10 Aluminum Item or kettle burned, with baking soda or ground base on the scorched, and sprinkled with a little water to baking soda or alkali wet, every one or two hours, a brush can be removed coke trace.


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