Cooking utensils have? What are the cooker?
   What cooker has? What's cooking? Metal material making pot is very narrow, because the pot need good thermal conductivity and chemical stability, otherwise it will cause food tastes change. Many metal thermal conductivity is good enough, but the chemical is not stable, so it is not suitable for the processing of food. But in some cases, the pot can be made of metal materials is very unstable and then plated with a layer of other stable point of the material.

  Aluminum exists in tensile, cast or anodic oxidation form. Tensile aluminum is rotary stamping forming. Because of the characteristics of the metal soft generally with magnesium, copper or bronze manufacturing aluminum alloy to increase strength. Tensile aluminum is widely used in the baking plate, fruit plate, cakes muffin pan, Tang Guo, steam boiler,Aluminum Item , Italy pasta pot even pan also has stretched aluminum production.

  Die casting are often higher than the tensile thick, which is more suitable for the pot, the pot than Holland and heavy Bakeware. Due to stomatal aluminum die-casting production performance visible microscope in die casting process, making it the ratio of tensile pot thermal conductivity lower.

  With aluminum oxide layer formed by the electronic processing of hard anodic alumina come very naturally, and not easy to react. This technique is often used to make juice than Carbon Steel Item can be rolled or tapping into very thin material, while maintaining high strength. Can be fast thermal heating. Carbon Steel Item is better than other materials to heat but it is also used as a frying pan and Spanish paella pan advantage: the part of the copper compared to the other parts to keep the same temperature. With cast iron, carbon steel pot to be preheated before use, the surface of the pot sassafras oil layer (preferably lard) and the pan heating on the stove surface. After a period of time the surface of the pot will darken and become non stick pan. Carbon Steel Item pans often used a wok. Pan, stockpot, baking pan and Holland baking pan.


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